The Top 3 Marketing Foundations

Every Business Needs to Start Their Marketing With These


Where to Start?

There are a lot of places to start your marketing:

We are going to start assuming you have a sense of:

  • Brand, name and logo
  • Website with at least one page
  • Basic Business setup

Start with Data, CRM and if possible Marketing Automation

No matter the size of the organization, a data foundation is needed. CRM can be the cornerstone of this.

At elevenX, we talk to companies of every size, every technical capability and it would be surprising to hear that small to large companies are missing a standard data foundation. 

This does not mean a Salesforce implementation or purchasing Marketo as your marketing system.  Start small, but not too small.

Get Hubspot, Zoho or the basic start-up Salesforce and being logging your data.  You will thank yourself down the road. 

These CRM systems, with the exception of Salesforce, offer a trial or free version up to a few thousand contacts.  For B2B companies that could keep you in free CRM for 3-6 month.  For Consumer, at least 90 days.   

You’ve got your data figured out – right?  

Location and Directory Management

There are over 100 directories on the internet.  Your business is listed incorrectly on most of them. Just know this. 

If you are a local business it is imperative your business is listed correctly.  Phone number, URL, location.  55% of purchases happen within one hour of a mobile search.  You need to get it right and manage it consistently. 

If you manage it on your own start with Google My Business, Bing, and Yelp.   Google uses many other directories to verify your business information.  Having that information correct across as many directories as you can is important. 

If you want a company to manage it, it’s worth the $150-$200 a month to get it right everywhere.  Check your listing accuracy here. 

Email, Activate Your Data

You promised you had your data handled.  We need it for Email. 

Email is the lowest cost and highest return on investment of all marketing.  Get your data activated through email.  It does not matter if it is 50 or 5,000 contacts.  Start engaging them. 

You will begin adding contacts and it will grow from your website, sales efforts, events, lead generation campaigns and more.  Do not wait until you have 500, start with the contacts you have and begin. 

Starting with your Data, Location Management and Email can set you on the right path.  Those three are critical to the future of your business.  

All businesses need to have these three marketing foundations in place before they can be effective, productive and efficient marketing players in their vertical. 


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