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Learn how elevenX delivers the multi-channel expertise
for the cost of one FTE – at a fair, expected cost.

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The Typical Solution

$6,500 / Mo or more

Full - Time
Marketing Manager

Classic Corporations:
One Person per Position

  • Salary
  • Benefits
  • Space, Equipment, Support
  • Single Channel Experience (E.G. Social Media)
  • Dedicated Resource
  • Underutilized for Experience
  • Specialized Company Knowledge
  • Single Point of Failure
  • Costs Accrue Until Position is eliminated

The elevenX Solution

Less than
$6,500 / Mo

elevenX Marketing

Growth Companies:
Cost Aligned, Revenue Focused

  • Monthly Expected Cost
  • Pay for Deliverables
  • Multi-Channel Experience
  • Pay for expertise and projects when you need them, never underutilized.
  • Begin New Projects - Quicker
  • P & L Friendly, Costs End when Project Ends

This is still costing you $$

$6,500 / Mo or more

Common Marketing

Classic Corporations
Go Out to Eat

  • Asking Your Coordinator to Manage Social
  • Your Team Refers to Email Marketing as "Blasting"
  • When Sales Makes Their Own Materials because Marketing is too busy
  • Your Admin who makes copies, manages trade events
  • Posting Competitors Articles to Your Social Streams
  • Staying Relevant Using Buzzwords from Emails
  • Thinking AI & Machine Learning are the Same
  • Holding Off on Marketnig Technology
  • Having to Go On with more examples....

It's Really Better

Less than
$6,500 / Mo

elevenX Marketing

Evolving Organizations
Use DoorDash

  • Need Social Media Handled - Done
  • Trade Events, Managed
  • Paid Search Campaigns, Started
  • Email, Paid Media, Digital Marketing
  • Brand, Creative, Production
  • Learn With Us, Hire When It Scales
  • Expand Quickly Into New Channels
Trust elevenX Marketing

Why Should I Trust You... Landing Page?

Don’t trust the Landing Page (LP), trust elevenX.

We’re experienced marketers from Fortune 500, public and private organizations that have integrated and innovative marketing departments. 

Results and deliverables are appreciated in our organizations and that’s what we deliver.  That’s what you pay for, fixed price engagements.

Select how we can help your business:

elevenX Marketing Agency - a full service marketing agency


Integrated marketing agency services. Creative, Branding, Video, Sales Support and more.

elevenX Marketing Agency Web Design Services

Digital Marketing

PPC / SEM, Social Media, Email Marketing, digital display and digital video.

elevenX Marketing Agency | CX Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Create raving fans for your business, improve your online reputation.

elevenX Marketing Agency | Marketing technology


Bring it all together with marketing automation, CRM enablement and automate touches to grow sales.

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