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Facebook’s Advertising Changes and Impact on Mortgage Lead Generation

facebook Marketing Facebook's Ad Changes & Mortgage Lead Generation Don't Miss Out, Sign Up for Great Marketing Content   Facebook's Changes Will Impact Mortgage Lead Generation  Facebook stated anyone placing housing, job, or credit ads will not be able to target users by age, gender, or zip code. Facebook dropped targeting by “multicultural affinity,” an option that could be used to exclude users by race. Overview of Facebook's Changes The company's ad practices came under review after articles published by ProPublica demonstrated how advertisers can exclude, as Facebook labels it, "ethnic affinities" from their ads.  Further legal action from civil…

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5 Tips for Amazing Hashtag Results

Hashtags are great for branding, engaging with your audience and for marketing campaigns. Here are the resources to get started. Is also important to know how, when and why to use them for the best impact. The good news is you don’t have to be a Digital Guru to figure it out:

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