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The FIFA 2019 Women’s World Cup ads start with a huge bang.


FIFA Women's World Cup Sponsors, Not NIKE

Nike’s Dream Further Video has kicked off the FIFA World Cup Soccer in France. The start of the FIFA Women’s Soccer 2019 World Cup is not only marked by the opening ceremonies, but it is also by the advertisements and branding that start prior.  Similar to the Super Bowl and FIFA Men’s World Cup, we plan to see significant advertising efforts from major brands.  NIKE is not included as a “Partner”, as ADDIDAS is the sports and clothing sponsor.  What does that say?   NIKE has to now earn its place as a brand associated with this event.

NIKE Dream Further Video

What Can Companies Learn From Nike?

To sponsor the event can cost millions of dollars and it can be worth the investment.  The association of the brand in conjunction with the event with hard-core fans drives their purchasing decisions. 

As with other sports such as NASCAR, fans will only buy their driver’s brand of detergent or service and not consider competitors. 

Not the Title Sponsor?

How do you beat or compete with the title sponsor?  Let’s examine NIKE.  NIKE sponsors 14 of the 24 FIFA World Cup teams uniforms.  Addidas sponsor’s six.  

NIKE has started its advertising blitz with biggest female names including Dutch midfielder Lieke Martens, Chinese midfielder Wang Shuang, and American forward Crystal Dunn. On Twitter, the video has racked up more than 19 million views.   

Everyone is talking about NIKE on Social and their Advertising.  Check one for NIKE off to a good start.  But the Women’s Soccer World Cup is a marathon not a sprint.  Hard core fans will be watching many games including the finals. 

FIFA World Cup Women's Soccer Marketing Partner Activation

Activation is part of every marketing program.  “Activation” is a fancy term stating that your marketing campaigns will take your sponsorship and actively market it in the context of the relationship to the audience. 

Marketing sponsors, spearheaded by Adidas, are working for equality in soccer between the men and women’s teams.  They see a responsibility to take a leadership role that can win the hearts and minds of their consumers.  The US Women’s National Soccer Team has sued US Soccer over equal pay and resources.   

The FIFA World Cups are drastically different in payout for the teams.  The men’s World Cup had prize money of $400 million.   The FIFA World Soccer Cup for Women has $30 million in prize money between 24th place and the winners receiving $4 million.  The French team, 2018 World Cup Winners in Russia, received $38 million by comparison.

We are sure to see more discussion and activation around these themes during the soccer tournament where the US National Soccer team is poised to be a strong contentder. 

FIFA Women's World Cup Partners

FIFA Women's World Cup Supporters


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