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What goes into a brand?  Your brand? 

Your Sub-Brands?  Your Corporate Identity?

Well – a lot. Planning, Strategy, and Great Design.  Get Started Today.

01  Brand & Style guides

Establishing use, colors, primary brand colors, accent colors and non-use of your brand elements.  

Style guides are the foundations for a consistent brand for years. 

02  Mission, Vision and Values

The culture of your organization and your brand are based on your values. 

Your values, build your brand.  Establishing your mission and vision add color and context to your brand for your team and your customers.

03  Corporate Identity

Standardize your corporate identity, logo, font, treatments, style, use, and voice.

04  Sub-brands and branding

Built your corporate brand and identity? Now build your sub-brands.  Sub-brands are the brands subordinate to the master brand.  They follow similar rules but can break out as companies, divisions, or products. 

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Branding and Corporate Identity

Your company elicits thoughts and feelings in the minds of customers.  

Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to make those thoughts and feelings positive and aligned with what you deliver. Potential customers need to think of you when they make buying decisions.

elevenX can help you define and reinforce your brand across all touch points. When you cement your brand, it becomes real.