Consumer Direct Marketing

Mortgage Lending

Lead to Qualified Contact, Credit Pull and Application, then to Closing

Consumer Direct Lending

Centralized mortgage operations require great service and better efficiencies.

Customers demand that you answer inquiries and contact them immediately. When they call (or need service, or have a question) you better ‘have your stuff together’. The experience has to be seamless and painless.

elevenX can help with:

  • Lead generation and distribution (and no…not all leads are created equal)
  • Scripting
  • Marketing Automation
  • Follow-up methodology
  • Campaign Creation and follow-up

We’ve worked with lead aggregators and home-grown our own leads.  We can help you deliver the combination that works best for your sales team.

Calling leads?  How many times? When?  We have lead contact strategies and automated follow-up.

Close more consumer direct loans.